The State creates security agencies that maintain order from a public and general perspective, with the many or few resources at their disposal, with the only limitation of private property rights.

This way of guarding stability, in many cases is not enough, from the perspective of individuals and even the agents of government are prevented from exercising the interior of private property, except in cases of extreme urgency or high necessity. That is why it arises the need for the Government to delegate its power to provide security, in particular that in use of their freedom of exercise or work, provide such services and is thus the concept of private security.

Private security services may be granted according to the needs of natural or legal persons, provided they meet the requirements set forth below. The range of private security services is very broad, such as the protection of the physical integrity of particular persons and / or their property; to prevent the commission of crimes and infractions to the detriment thereof; assist them in case of accidents and disasters, and collaborate in the provision of data or elements for investigation and prosecution of crimes, in an auxiliary and complementary way to public security.

However, despite the freedom of work and professional practice, not everyone can provide private security services, as the law regulates the requirements and procedures that a person has to comply in order to perform that activity. This is essential to take into account, since it is possible that someone who occupies private security, may be subject to fraud, payment of improper or other illegality, endangering his assets, integrity and even his life to hire to persons who are not legally qualified or empowered to exercise.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish that the license is the administrative authorization that the Public Security Secretariat extends to a natural person who provides private security services to third parties; the permit is the authorization that extends in the same terms, but to the moral or physical persons with business activity; finally, authorization is understood as the document that empowers a person to exercise private security to cover their own needs (such as when it is decided to make employment contracts with natural persons, instead of using private security companies).

Both licenses, permits and authorizations are valid for one year, therefore it is essential to request a copy of these documents before hiring and verify on the page of the Ministry of Public Security of the entity in which the service will be provided or talk over the phone, to corroborate that such authorizations are in force, as they may be false, expired, revoked, suspended or disabled.

It should be clarified that some private security companies have federal permits, which allows them to provide services in two or more federal entities, but that permit in itself does not allow them to provide services in the federative entities. Another issue to check before hiring a private security company is that you have a comprehensive liability insurance policy for crimes committed by private security elements and another comprehensive liability insurance policy to cover damage derived from the provision of the service.

The above recommendations are only to verify that the service provider is in order with the Ministry of Public Security. But it is also necessary to verify that the elements that are going to provide the service (natural persons) are registered in the IMSS, have no criminal record, are registered with the Secretary of Public Security and have been properly trained (the latter is verified with the corresponding certificate or certificate, for each item).

Therefore it is recommended to the reader to have the social denomination (or reason) of the company that provides the service, numbers of permits or licenses, referred to policies, the complete and correct name of the company and the staff, identify that the office in which it has your settlement is not a virtual office; Contact the public security authorities of the entity and see that the company is in order and authorized to provide the Security Services u.s.a. Once you verify all of the above you may already be in contracting authority, however review the contracts that make companies available, be aware of the meaning and scope of the clause.

If the above seems strenuous, remember that you are putting into the hands of third parties your life, your integrity and your heritage.