If you have in mind to remodel your house, and renew certain details such as the facade or the roof, in today’s post we are going to give you some keys to choose the best type of roof that suits your home, as well as the type of materials and tiles more convenient. It is not a choice, you have to be careful and you know what kind of material can go better with the style of your home, and the humidity or warmth conditions of the environment.

The roof is one of the essential parts to keep in mind when you build or renovate your house, since it will be the one that protects the interior of the house, as well as its walls of rain, sun and wind. Therefore, take your time to plan what type of roof can be the best option for your home. The roofing johns creek have explained what are the roofing types. Keep reading below article.

Types of Roof

First of all, the first thing to consider when choosing the type of roof for your house is to decide for the type of roof that   you want, to later be able to choose the material.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs is one of the most usual types. It brings a minimalist touch to the architecture and design of your home. Many people choose because the type of roof combines and adapts to the rest of the house as a whole. Straight lines and neutral colors are a perfect choice in flat roofs. The flat roofs are ideas to combine with wooden beams to more or glass for a visual effect of the sky since they provide infinite luminosity, although in summer it is advisable to put awnings covered to protect from high temperatures.

This type of roof has some advantages and is that they are easier to clean by not being inclined, and out of risk. It also helps in saving energy, since this type of roof keeps the house refrigerated, depending on the material you choose and if it is not a translucent roof.

Gable Roofs

Another one of the types of the types of roofs that we can find is the roof to two waters.

This type of roof is perfect for humid or mountain areas in which it rains or snow a lot since its inclination is divided into two parts and prevents moisture from being retained in the upper area of ​​the roof, avoiding leaks or major problems.

This type of roof, is composed of two skirts or waters that are joined in the middle, the slope of it will depend on how often it snows or rains in the area where you live, because the worse the rainfall, the more inclined we must put this ceiling. Some of its advantages is that it is easy and cheap to build and finally, and it is a model rather of rustic touch but also has a modern touch.

At the time of putting to work in the construction everything depends on a good foundation in the foundations. Choose the appropriate material and materials as well as variants. We could say that the roof is the icing on the house and the element that determines the construction and architecture of a house as well as its style.

Below we will review the type of roofs most commonly known:

To a slope: This type of roof is characterized by having only one side, so that on the roof there is always a side much higher than the rest. Thus, this roof shows a constant difference in height from the highest point to the lowest part in order to avoid accumulation of water.

Gable: This type of roof is characterized by having two types of liquid springs, normally the highest point is usually located in the middle of the roof but can vary. From that high point the liquids go down one or the other side to the other sides of the roof, in this way the weight is better distributed.

Waters: This type of roof is a modification of the previous one, now instead of 2 higher sides, we have four from which the water can come down.

We hope all the above information will help you to know about type of roofs. For more information or to hire a professional roofer you can visit duffy roofing.