It is not the same look for accommodation to be with the family, children, your partner, friends or just go to relax. Everyone is welcome at most hotels, but some are better suited than others for travelers. In addition, there are exclusive accommodations with limitations for children, pets or other groups. Depending on the company that you are going to have during the trip you will need a series of amenities or others, so that with whom you make the trip can determine the hotel that best suits you.

Traveling With Kids

When traveling with children you should pay attention to the possibilities that a hotel offers before staying in it. As it is a family trip you should look for a family tourism hotel , that is, those that offer facilities and services specially aimed at families with children. Having a garden area or children’s entertainers can make you think that this is a hotel to go with children, but to be “child friendly” you need to go further. Even some Autonomous Communities have their own rules to determine when a hotel is familiar.

Family Hotel Facilities

Among the requirements that the different request to determine if a hotel is family or not and the ones you should look for when traveling with children are:

  • Garden
  • Playground
  • TV or video room
  • Game room
  • Sports areas
  • Babysitting service, at least during the day
  • Animation with programming for the little ones of the house
  • Children’s menu
  • Free cots
  • Swimming pool in summer

More and more hotels offer their clients the possibility to configure their rooms to accommodate the whole family. But keep in mind that if you finally settle for accommodation that does not offer this type of services the holidays can get uphill because the children get bored and end up getting tired of you. You should also think that, like you, the rest of the people in the lodging want to enjoy their vacation. Children can not be asked to stop being so, and it is possible that if you go to a hotel in which the general clientele are not families but retired elderly people or couples end up bothering them, just as if you are going to one that is full of teenagers will bother you guys.

Type Of Accommodation With Children

Beyond is the decision of what type of accommodation to go to. The boutique hotels in Sri Lanka give families cribs or extra beds for the children , in some cases even for free, but they can also stay in other types of establishments. The apartments are a good choice with children when what you want is to enjoy the landscapes of the area, travel to nearby places, go to the beach or just spend more time with the little ones after a time of work. However, the hotels are for those who want to rest and for the children to have a good time. The childcare and animation Can make it easier for the parents to disconnect for a while, but also to have fun with them. While if you travel with a baby you are more comfortable an apartment or apart hotel given the freedom granted by these types of accommodation.

Another option for when traveling with your children is to go to a campsite or a rural house if you want to enjoy nature. If you want to disconnect, enjoy the family and forget for a few days the hustle and bustle of the city may be the best option because this way you can forget about mobiles and internet, and children of video games, computer and television .

No Children Allowed

It may seem absurd, but the truth is that there are more places that do not allow children to enter. From restaurants to hotels . Yes, there are hotels that prohibit children from entering the house . It is an opportunity for those who seek tranquility, socialize and enjoy activities designed specifically for adults, but if you intend to travel with them, limit your possibilities.

In principle these accommodations, because of their services and characteristics, will not be attractive at first sight to go with your children, but just in case when choosing a hotel watch that children can stay in them.

Travel With The Pet

Traveling with your pet by plane or car you must think about your destination. Not all hotels allow pets , and finding one that does can be difficult.

Nowadays there are more and more places where you can stay with a pet, but always make sure that the hotel is aware that your traveling companion is going to be an animal. In addition to paying attention that you can take it, you should also take a good look at the consequences that accompany you, and is that many have taken advantage of this permissiveness to grant the license to charge a supplement to the room price , which can go from 5 to 60 euros or More for each night.

In case that travel with pets the most recommended accommodation is usually an apartment , they are usually larger than a hotel room or a hostel so you can leave your pet inside while going to museums, the beach or dinner. Of course, decide the type of accommodation you decide to take into account that many of them limit the possibility of hosting animals to their weight and do not usually allow Potentially Dangerous Dogs .

Groups Of Friends

Group travel can be very economical because many establishments offer lower prices when traveling several people, but can also be expensive if you do not choose the hotel well. With a group you will not have problems to find hotel, as they do not limit them, but to be able to find the ideal in relation to price and that meets your needs you will have to compare. If you want to enjoy, and do not have to worry about anything the best option will be a hotel, but if you want to spend more time together and save on meals you may be interested in an apart hotel .

When choosing the room pay attention to the prices , if you are 6 people, for example, you may find it more profitable to take 2 rooms with extra bed that 3 for 2 people or 3 double rooms. It will all depend on the hotel, some even offer rooms for 4 people and you may get a better rate. You can also opt for a rural house , a good alternative since in addition to being able to prepare food there, and you could even have a pool, barbecue or sports areas.


To be able to go on vacation with everything planned , without worries and to be able to enjoy the stay at the same time that you know people the best option is a hotel. Many hotels offer vacation packages that you can cover not only the accommodation, but also all meals, transportation from the airport or station to the hotel and the return, as well as a complete room service. Also, if you want to know the area they have excursion services so that they “give it all done” and you just have to enjoy.

People Who Travel Alone

Traveling is just a good way to get to know the world, make new friends and relax . So, if you go on holiday without company you can opt for a rural cottage to disconnect, a good hotel with activities to meet new people or walk backpack in hand from one hostel or hostel to another in each city in which you conclude the day. If you plan a holiday in backpacking plan a good option is to go to the adventure and book in the city where you intend to spend the night that same day, for the next pick up and go. In this sense, comparing can help you, but also the coupons and offers available to the accommodation. You can also decantarte for the exchange of house for a change of air at a good price.

Couple Travel

If you are traveling as a couple, you have just got married or left your children at home with the grandparents, you may not want to have children running around, hearing cries at night or during meals … Then maybe if you are interested in hotels Of which we spoke before, those that are only for adults . In addition, if you want the weekend to be romantic look for a room with jacuzzi, welcome pack with champagne or spa. Charming hotels can offer you many possibilities to enjoy a few days off with your partner. You can also look for those that offer leisure activities and fun to make the stay more entertaining.

Choose The Best Hotel For You

For tastes the colors, and in the hotels there are thousands of options. To choose a hotel you have to take into account the services offered, its location, quality and price . It is not the same travel with the family as with friends, with the first you may prefer to pay a little more and have a pleasant stay and with the latter you may prefer to go to a humble and cheap accommodation to save without giving up the enjoyment.

Remember, if you are traveling with children, the best thing is that you are looking for a hotel with activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. In addition, accommodations that have leisure activities, not only children’s, may be your best option if you travel alone or if you want to meet new people and enjoy your vacation. But if you are looking for a hotel to spend your free time with your partner choose a hotel with charm, with spa, massages, and extras such as cava or breakfast in the room, will be a romantic vacation that you will remember a lot of time.

But above all, before you start the search, think about what you want to spend and the services you are going to use . So you can modulate both the cost and the features of your accommodation and enjoy your vacation in a hotel that suits your needs. Look for what you are looking for, you can do it at Your hotel comparator allows you to choose category, location, price range, type of accommodation, facilities and even read the comments of the rest of the travelers .