Tips and tricks to clean your windows without any trace or chemicals.

Cleaning a window is an ordinary gesture, yet there are a few tricks that can make your job easier and save you money on hiring commercial window cleaners!

It is possible to clean the windows of your house with natural and economical tips! No need for chemicals to wash your windows.

Who hasn’t dreamed of having tiles as clean as a storefront window washed by a tile washer?

Which Products To Use?


1/ White vinegar:

For a 1 liter spray: Mix 750 ml of warm water with 250 ml of white vinegar. This natural cleaner will be perfect for window cleaning. The smell of white vinegar will also repel spiders and flies from your home!

2/ Lemon juice:

In a sprayer, mix lemon juice with hot water. Put a piece of newspaper in a ball and soak it in this mixture, then rub your windows. Impeccable result!

3/ The dishwashing liquid:

It is also possible to clean your windows with dishwashing liquid diluted with hot water and a little white vinegar. Finish cleaning by rinsing your windows with water.

Otherwise, by merely diluting dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water.

4/ Ammonia:

about half a glass per liter of water.

5/ Glycerine:

To eliminate and prevent the formation of condensation on the glass panes, pour a few drops of glycerine on an old nylon sticker and rub the panes. Thanks to this trick, the dust won’t stick to the windows, and the mist won’t stick to the windows either!

Which Equipment Is Recommended For Cleaning Windows?


1/ A microfibre cloth:

It has the advantage of not linting.

2/ A newsprint:

Instead of your rag, use newspaper and wipe with circular motions: no plush and no rag marks!

3/ A squeegee:

Use a squeegee/scraper starting at the top of the glass and wipe it with a cloth: once again, no plush or rag marks!

4/ a chamois leather.

Some Tips:


If your windows show traces of grease, rub them with an onion before washing them: guaranteed effect!

Avoid cleaning your windows on sunny days: the product dries too quickly, which leads to traces.

Clean one side vertically and the other horizontally, so that you can see which side the tracks are on more easily!

How to Clean Windows With Newspaper?


1/ Start by mixing a few drops of liquid soap with 10 cl of white vinegar. White vinegar is very useful for cleaning windows. Pour them into your sprayer and fill it with water.

2/ Spray this precious mixture on your tiles.

3/ Rub the first time with a sheet of newspaper to remove the dirt.

4/ Wipe with another sheet of newspaper for optimal transparency of your tiles.

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