If you are about to buy a stereo and get dizzy with so many options, here we offer you a very useful guide that will help you to buy the ideal equipment according to your needs.

Choosing The Best Audio Equipment

The equipment we use to play our favorite music tells a lot about us. Advanced or simple systems, with conventional or almost professional equalizers, with two or even 10 integrated and mobile speakers are the signals that tell how, how much and in what way we enjoy the language of music. Among audio reproduction systems, mini-components and microcomponents are perhaps the most common for use at home. If you plan to buy one, here we tell you some details to consider and thus choose the most appropriate to your needs.

Difference Between Minicomponents And Microcomponents

The mini components are central systems that allow playback of audio on different channels: Radio (AM and FM) and CD are the key, which can then incorporate playback compressed formats (MP3, for example), ports SD card readers and ports USB for portable memory and flash discs. They can have from two to ten speakers, in various audio methodologies. The microcomponents perform similar functions, although they have a central body and only two separate speakers. They are more compact, aesthetic and suitable for small and large spaces alike. In relation to the former, they have lower sound power, but equal quality, depending on the model.

How To Know Which Stereo To Buy

When buying a device or audio equipment we always recommend to investigate from home, in catalogs and web pages, about the options of the market, the offers of the day and the benefits and benefits associated with the purchase in one or the other store. But, of course, before you should know exactly what it is you are looking for.

The first thing is to know what use you will give to the stereo . If it will be to listen at night, when returning home, or if you want to musicalize parties and meetings of many people. Then, you need to know where you plan to locate it, to find out if you have enough space or if the size of the equipment should fit a small site. It also looks at whether you’re connecting your computer to another device (eg your TV or movie player) to find out what audio quality and style you need, and finally consider the aesthetics of other appliances in your home.

What Features Should Your Audio Equipment Have?

Finally, in order to find the best choice when buying a stereo, we must know its characteristics, which will tell us whether or not it will suit the intended use. Before choosing, consider the following:


The amplifier is, in short, what determines the quality of the sound. If you want the equipment to listen to the radio in the morning, you do not necessarily need the best option in amplifier. On the other hand, if you are a music fanatic and like to have parties at home, it will be better to buy equipment with a good amplifier, high power so that there is no distortion of sound in high volumes, and able to withstand various outputs audio (stereo, surround or surround). The audio equipment should include the Dolby system to reduce noise and purify the sound emitted.


The equalizer is also significant for sound purists, because you can treble and bass in various channels regularly, thus achieving a better quality adjusted to the particular tastes. You can choose an automatic equalizer or one that includes a manual equalizer, in this case, only if you know how to handle it, otherwise it will be an unused element.


The speakers are what defines the stereo as such. A good team with bad speakers will be the same as a bad team. Choose one with high quality speakers, which support the chosen audio output methodology and high volume, and whose power is equal to or higher than the amplifier. The number of speakers depends on the use you want to give the computer.

Reading And Playback

The reading options and reproduction are another determining factor. If you are going to listen to the radio and some conventional CD, any equipment will serve you. But if you usually listen to compilations, if you have discs or MP3 memories, if you load with SD, microSD or flash discs, look for a computer that supports these readings. You can even get one with a cassette player, if you are a collector or musically fans.