Why is it that lovely mild mannered and polite people sometimes turn into selfish, rude and downright nasty individuals when they get behind the wheel, especially when it comes to parking their car? There is something about a car park that really turns everyone’s attitude sour and promotes an ‘every man for themselves’ mentality.

You can see it in the impatient person waiting too closely to take your spot as you prepare to drive away, or the inconsiderable person who parks awkwardly sideways across two spaces.

How can we be civil to each other in a car park environment? In our busy schedule it can be easy to forget our manners and be guilty of parking rudeness. There is no manual that comes with our vehicle which describes how to operate it politely. We simply have to use common sense, window tint compassion and decorum to ensure that we are not being rude while parking our cars. Here are some important car park etiquette tips to keep in mind to ensure that you are being respectful of your fellow drivers:

One Parking Space Is All You Need

Are you the person who leaves their vehicle straddled across two parking spaces? Or the one who parks so far over to one side so that your neighbour can barely open the door to their car? Parking lots are divided into spaces so that each car will have enough room, but it only works if you use it properly. Take the extra couple of minutes to ensure that your car is lined up straight within the parking spot with equal room on either side. Not only is it polite, it also helps decrease your chances of your car getting scratched or dented by other vehicle doors.

Accessible Parking Spaces

It should go without saying that the disabled parking spaces should be left for the people who are actually disabled, not for those who just want to be a little bit closer to the store entrance. However, unfortunately many people take advantage of these spots just to make their lives more convenient. This might be all fine if there are no people with disabilities there at the current moment, but you never know when someone might show up and use that spot.

Suddenly, they are unable to have easy access to the building because you wanted to be able to simply run in and grab something quickly and couldn’t walk a few extra metres. The accessible parking spaces are there for a reason, so be considerate and don’t use them unless you are actually disabled. Park further away from the door and enjoy the benefits of the extra exercise instead.

Waiting For A Space

Sometimes when circling a busy parking lot, you will see someone who looks like they are ready to get into their car and leave. This could be a good opportunity to take their spot, but make sure that you are not being too pushy or aggressive. Make eye contact with them and give them a little wave to let them know that you are looking to take their spot, but then give them plenty of room to manoeuvre out. Overcrowding them could make it difficult for them to turn around. Try not to get angry or aggressive when you are looking for a parking spot, just be assertive and politely make your way in when the spot becomes available.

In the end, it all comes down to treating other parking lot users how you would like to be treated. If everyone were to drive carefully, give everyone else their space and take up the parking space they needed and no more, car parks would be a much more peaceful place.